Simple Tomato Salad

For about as long as I can remember, my family has had our own garden. While most vegetables came and went, there was one that I was a little bit sweet on. Each year, as the summer ended and I started to pick out back-to-school clothing, my favorite would reappear in the garden and we would resume our affair from last year, and I was as passionate and desirous as ever.

I think I just waxed poetic on a tomato. That’s right ladies and gents, my one true love is a big,  juicy, ripe, red tomato. But who can blame me? It’s a bit early for garden tomatoes, but you can still pick them up in local grocery stores, thank goodness. While they’re great just to bite into, tomatoes do well with a little extra flavor of olive oil and salt.

Here’s a simple summer tomato salad recipe that, without the optional parmesan cheese, is entirely allergen free and really tasty.


Summer Tomato Salad

(For one serving)

1 medium sized tomato

1 Tablespoon olive oil

3 leaves of basil

Salt and Pepper to taste

Parmesan Cheese to taste (omit if allergic to dairy)

1. Slice the tomato into bite-sized chunks. Make sure to remove the core.

2. Slice the basil into ribbons. Roll the basil into small tubes and slice the tubes in order to do so.

3. Place the tomato on a plate and top with basil, olive oil, salt, pepper and parmesan cheese to taste. Enjoy!


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