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Life Lately

Life lately has been crazy busy. I’ve done a ton of writing and eating in the past few weeks, but most certainly not enough cooking. I started an internship with the McClatchy Tribune news service, which was an amazing opportunity, but one that made me insanely busy. It was so worth it, though – I wrote over 20 stories, including some about food and exercise!


The never ending list of stories

The best part was that I was working in DC. I drove down each week and stayed with family and, while it was stressful, it was an amazing experience. Second to writing, my favorite part was the food! I worked in Metro Center, super close to a ton of food trucks. My favorite was Stella’s Popkern – a popcorn only food truck that had nut free and all natural ingredients. Yum! I also visited several local farmer’s markets in preparation for the school year. Peaches from the Riverdale Market became a favorite for sure.


Riverdale Peaches!


My first roadtrip alone


I made avocado pasta for my family



Eaten on my second food truck Friday...Stella's Popkern!

Eaten on my second food truck Friday…Stella’s Popkern!

But I didn’t just drive around and eat (contrary to popular belief, I do more than that). I went to a local YogaFest, and afterwards, I ate at an amazing Mexican restaurant called Emiliano’s with my boyfriend…it’s my new Pittsburgh favorite.



I also joined a mailing club called The Owl Post. Ladies from around the United States, joined through their mutual love of mail are participating, sending packages and swapping letters. My favorite part of it (aside from PACKAGES) is that a lot of the women involved are a little older than me, so most know how to cook and live on their own…all I have to do is ask their advice on things!

Some lovely mail (and a new recipe!)

Some lovely mail (and a new recipe!)

I made Carmelitas to send in my first package

I made Carmelitas to send in my first package

My family also recently found out that my younger sister has Celiac. Soon we will be transitioning from a family who has one person who can’t eat wheat to two, which means we’ll be eating a lot less gluten around here. While I’m leaving for University of Maryland in a week, I plan to try a lot of gluten free recipes so I can impress my little sister with some great recipes. Be sure to look for our new favorites!

My little sister, enjoying life gluten free

My little sister, enjoying life gluten free

In these next few weeks, I hope to be cooking and baking a lot more, so expect some new and interesting recipes. Look for some new summer salads, as well as two new breakfast recipes (both oatmeal! :)) I also hope to have some new features on the blog in the weeks to come. One will be about allergen friendly businesses and allergy news – a carousel of links to really interesting stuff on the allergy front. The other will be one that melds my love of tea, and my love of baking…it’s going to be all about pairing tea with favorite baked goods. 

Until next time!

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