Forgetting the ladies: How the SGA and IFC tailgate system disenfranchised half the student body

I wrote this story for Unwind Magazine, a publication on campus at University of Maryland. Check it out!

By Alicia McElhaney

Photo by Lillian Braun Photo by Lillian Braun

When the Student Government Association and Interfraternity Council started brainstorming ways make game day tailgates safer and less disruptive to College Park residents last year, the solution seemed simple—to move the tailgates on campus.

Residents of College Park and surrounding areas responded well—less tailgates meant less 8 a.m. mayhem every Saturday, and even less after-game partying.

“This year we’ve found there’s been a real diminishment in noise,” John Rigg, president of the Calvert Hill Citizen’s Association said. “The university has found a way that we can live together with students in harmony.”

Despite the initiative finding success in College Park residents, the SGA and IFC forgot to include one vital group in their tailgates – the women.

The current tailgating system supplies fraternities with wristbands—two per brother, one for themselves and one for a guest—they can distribute to sorority members or even friends…

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