Hello world! Welcome to Munchies Just For Me, a blog about healthy, yummy and allergen free food. The blog includes recipes, product suggestions and tips and tricks for health freaks like me who can’t eat everything they want.

I’m Alicia, the girl behind the blog. I am a college student studying journalism at at the University of Maryland. In addition to my passion for writing, I love to cook and listen to music. I’m a rabid fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins and I love to tap dance. I also teach group fitness classes on campus like Zumba, bootcamp and a Pilates-inspired abs strength class, where I get to share my love of happy healthiness with others.


Snackin’ on nut-free doughnuts in D.C.

I am also currently preparing for life in an apartment next semester, which means that I will be cooking for myself (again!). As hard as it already may be to eat nourishing food in college, having allergies or food restrictions makes things even more difficult.

This is where my own food challenges come in. I have anaphylaxis to peanuts, tree nuts, sesame and chickpeas. Not to mention, I have sensitivities to some soy products (soy milk and raw soybeans) and honey. I also used to be a vegetarian, but my health was suffering on a dining hall diet that was low in protein, so I recently reintroduced fish and chicken to my diet after 6 years.

Unfortunately, all these restrictions as well as pre-college stress became the perfect storm for the eating disorder I developed during my senior year of high school. After about a year and a half of counseling and hard work, I can finally say that anorexia is no longer a part of my life! Despite this, I understand that having food allergies in combination with the diet culture that is so normal in our society can lead to problems for others, which I hope to address when I write as well!

While I have had my own special dietary restrictions (both allergies and self-imposed), I also grew up in a home where my father and sister had Celiac disease, and my sister shared many of my allergies, which means my family was often attempting to prepare vegetarian, gluten free, nut free and semi-soy free meals. My mother was a gem for putting up with all of this, and she has taught me a lot about food preparation and making adaptable meals.

The idea for Munchies Just For Me came out of my time at home, as well as my love of cooking. After learning how easy it could be to make both nourishing and adaptable meals, I wanted to share what I learned about food with others. Having allergies doesn’t have to make your life more difficult. In fact, it’s a blessing in disguise. Allergies can make you more appreciative of new foods and can help you to realize the joy of cooking – you just need to have the right attitude.

Join me in my journey to create yummy foods that are allergen free! I hope to share recipes, tips from someone who’s been there and little bits and pieces of my own life as I explore the world with my food challenges. Feel free to contact me with questions or concerns at amsquillion@gmail.com.

Allergy Policy Note:
Any of the products I use do not contain peanuts, tree nuts, chickpeas, sesame or flax, nor do they have a “may contain” or “made in a facility” label. However, I do not call these places to double check on their practices unless the labeling is unclear. When I write something is gluten, dairy, soy or fish and shellfish free, I make sure to read these labels as diligently as I do for my own allergies, but again, I do not call facilities to ensure their practices. The point of this disclaimer is to say do what you’re comfortable with and always double check labels for allergens, as they can change!

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  1. grrfeisty says:

    thanks for sharing so much about yourself! after your comment on my blog i was excited that you might live in houston, too. 😉


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