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Links I Love

Hola amigos! I hope your week is going swimmingly so far! I’ve got some great links to share with you, from allergy-friendly recipes to body positive news stories and, of course, some fun in between.


First, a quote to get you motivated to start the week!

“Explore, explore, travel the world over…have me in mind, I shall be watching. You can return to me. Now go.” ~Yevgeniy Yevtushenko

This week I found a few great recipes that I’m excited to try. Rebecca Sherrow at Pure and Peanut Free shared a beautiful Orange Vanilla Cake that just screams summer. I always am hoping to try to adapt A Couple Cooks’ recipe for Multi-Grain Artisan bread to not involve seeds. Joy the Baker shared a great piece on the differences between whole wheat flour and white flour in her weekly baking primer series, which I loved. And Kate over at Diary of Anaphylaxis found a great bakery in Denver for those with food allergies!

In the more literary world (I’m a huge reader, in case ya didn’t know) Slate caused the world to implode when they printed an op-ed piece that basically ripped on adults who love to read young adult fiction. It made me pretty upset, but NPR came back with an even better piece about the impact young adult fiction – and all fiction – can have on girls and women. Check it out here.

Do you sometimes have allergy symptoms to foods you aren’t allergic to? Oral Allergy Syndrome could be the cause. When pollens cross react with foods in the wild, it can sometimes cause you to have minor allergy symptoms. Check out a list of pollens and their cross reactors here.

I am not crafty, but this 5-minute Reed Diffuser project looks like something I could handle. I love yummy smelling things and I really do want to try using essential oils a bit more.

Do you live near Pittsburgh? Do you want to join the fight against poor body image and eating disorders? Come out to the NEDA (National Eating Disorder Association) walk on June 21! I’ve been following Catherine over at Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth for ages now, and she recently shared a very telling piece about struggling with eating disorders. Her strength in sharing was truly inspirational.

On that note, this new food-shaming trend is driving me nuts. Can you believe people are actually shaming women who look thin and are eating food? INSANE. You can learn more about how destructive things like this and “fat talk” are at the Huffington Post, where the issues behind body shaming women are unpacked in this story.


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