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Summer Bucket List Update

Have I mentioned before on here that I absolutely adore summer? Because you know what? I do. This summer is shaping up to be a pretty exciting and busy one. I’m doing a lot. Seeing new things. Baking new treats. Meeting up with old friends. Working hard. Going back to my roots. It’s great and without the pressure of school, I’m thriving. Summer, needless to say, is my happiest of happy places.

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Since we’re a little over halfway through the first month of bucket list goals, I decided to check in. Here is my bucket list post so you can check it out!

  1. Go for a bike ride on the Boston Trail. Not yet! Maybe next weekend?
  2. Go camping! I’m going mid-July, the week before my trip to Austria, with my best friend Tessa and our boyfriends. Stay tuned for that adventure!
  3. Get a tan. Halfway there, I say. I have the awkward boob tanline, so that’s pretty exciting!
  4. Learn to roast a chicken, Julia Child style. Ugh, no, not yet!
  5. Swim! Done and done! (though I would love to swim more! :))
  6. Learn to make alterations with the sewing machine. I made alterations on a bikini top already…now onto a skirt!
  7. Go out to dinner for lobster. Still awaiting my chance!
  8. Pick blackberries and bake a pie! It’s not pie season yet 😦
  9. Finish season seven of Mad Men. Ugh this one is taking me ages! I did, though, start watching Bob’s Burgers.
  10. Read. A lot. I’m done with Joyous Health and with The Fault in Our Stars (sobbing at 2 a.m., it’s fine). I did get a stack of books from a Half Price book sale (all for $2 each) so I have a ton more to get through!

The list definitely could use more progress, but I’m getting there! In other ways, I’ve done a lot. I’ve seen three concerts since we last checked in – Jeff Tweedy, Ben Folds with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and Jake Bugg. I visited the zoo and Sandcastle. I’ve been working out HARD at the gym and feeling good about it. And, of course, I’ve baked a couple of recipes of donuts that I’m eager to share.

I’m excited to cross off more things, and I’m considering continuing the list for each season. What do you think? Whats on your summer bucket list?

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Summer Bucket List

Summer is here! Finally! It’s been a long time coming. Believe me, I’m beyond excited for all of the adventures this summer is sure to bring. I will be traveling to Austria for three weeks at the end of July, which is going to be incredible, but also scary on the allergy front. In between now and then, I’m working full time and trying to soak up as much sun and summer fun as I can. This weekend I spent outside as much as possible – I visited the Pittsburgh Zoo, took a hike with my boyfriend and his brothers in the fields behind their house, went for a run at Duff Park through the woods and spent a lot of time just chilling on my porch. Glorious! While this weekend has already proved that summer is going to be great, I figured setting a few goals for the summer wouldn’t be a bad thing 🙂


Summer Bucket List

  1. Go for a bike ride on the Boston Trail. I used my bike so much during the fall semester, but I didn’t use it as much in the spring. I want to get back into riding, though. It’s so peaceful, and I’ve always liked it more than running. Aside, of course, from the nasty soreness the next day!
  2. Go camping! The food (mountain pies, s’mores!), the hiking, the friendship, sleeping under the stars. What could be better?
  3. Get a tan. Last summer, I spent a lot of time inside working. While it gave me great experience (and  a fair amount of extra cash), I was left ghost white. This summer, things will be different!
  4. Learn to roast a chicken, Julia Child style. Julia Child is such an inspiration to me – I love how she cooks things so they taste good, rarely worrying about how much butter or fat is involved. And now that I’m eating chicken again, I feel like it’s the perfect time!
  5. Swim! I love being in the water – as a kid, I spent hours in my babysitter’s pool. I started off the summer season right last weekend by swimming at a friends, not feeling self conscious about my swimsuit one bit. Can’t wait to continue the good vibes!
  6. Learn to make alterations with the sewing machine. Life would be so much easier if clothes off the rack just fit. But alas, I’m 5 feet tall, wear a DD cup, and am petite otherwise – not quite the easiest sizing arrangements. So I plan to learn how to (at least) shorten skirts and pants, and also hopefully to take in dresses and tops.
  7. Go out to dinner for lobster. Never done it. I need to. Self explanatory, I say.
  8. Pick blackberries and bake a pie! This was my favorite activity from last summer – I can’t wait to do it again. 🙂
  9. Finish season seven of Mad Men. My boyfriend and I were addicted to this show during the school year. Now that it’s warm outside, we’ve been slacking on making sure to catch up.
  10. Read. A lot. I’m hoping to get through some cookbooks, “Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures,” “The Fault in Our Stars” and “Joyous Health.”


What are your summer plans? 

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